Seafood from the cold, fresh waters of Norway

Frozen at sea H+G cod, saithe, haddock, greenland halibut and redfish, caught and block frozen by our own vessel Atlantic Viking. We also carry dried and salted cod and saithe.


All our H+G products are frozen within few hours after catching in cold waters of the Norwegian Sea and Barents Sea. Our crews are trained to maintain the highest quality standards on our H+G production.

Bringing Norwegian traditions on to new and existing markets. We supply the finest quality of dried salted cod and saithe to Caribbean, African and European markets.

By choosing MSC labelled seafood you are supporting the marine environment and fishing community livelihoods.

We deliver "Seafood from Norway" brand packaging.

Norwegian fisheries policy is based on sustainable resource management, which ensures that both the fish stock, industry practitioners and coastal communities are safeguarded. Read more